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Annabelle – You need the tickets in the top slot of each page to run from 1 to 167, then the second slot down to be 168 – 335, then have 336 – 500 in the third slot. Easiest way to achieve that would be to create a your list of numbers in Step 3 in Excel so it runs as 1,168,336,2,169,337 … etc., like this:

Some tickets are designed with parts that need to be separated. Our perforation option provides easy tearing, ideal for raffle tickets and keepsakes. Be sure to include indicators on your design of where to perforate.

Then, when you go to print, click on the “Setup” tab of the Print dialog, then check “Thumbnails” towards the bottom. Select the gang-up layout of the thumbnails from the associated drop-down list. Then print. Voila!!

Now Option/Alt-click on the Autonumbering button in the Control panel (or choose Bullets and Numbering from the Control panel flyout menu) and choose the list you created in the Lists pop-up menu. You might want to adjust the other settings to match this:

I have the document already set up as a 2 page document, but with the script I provided in the link that I got from esmith’s post, it has the first page (white) as 1001, and the second page (yellow) 1002.

Family and friends: Start close to home. People who know you, and like you, are more likely to buy from you. Fundraiser Insight says you should sell “face-to-face because it’s harder to turn someone down when they’re standing right in front of you.”

An introduction to how to number tickets, raffle tickets, event tickets, ncr forms and business forms using Number-Pro and your favorite desktop publishing software like Indesign, Microsoft Word, Corel Draw, or Microsoft Publisher. For more information visit http://www.number-pro.com

which can be written using factorials as n ! k ! ( n − k ) ! {\displaystyle \textstyle {\frac {n!}{k!(n-k)!}}} whenever k ≤ n {\displaystyle k\leq n} , and which is zero when k > n {\displaystyle k>n} . The set of all k-combinations of a set S is often denoted by ( S k ) {\displaystyle \textstyle {\binom {S}{k}}} .

Having a one bates numbered document opened in Adobe, simply extract it as individual pages. Once that is done, I went into the adobe folder where my documents have been extracted, selected all and and copy-paste them as many times as I needed (4 in my case). Doing this, the documents have been arranged by name, meaning that after each original page there have been put the duplicates.After that the only thing I had to do was to combine them into a single PDF. Job done

it has 2n distinct terms corresponding to all the subsets of S, each subset giving the product of the corresponding variables Xs. Now setting all of the Xs equal to the unlabeled variable X, so that the product becomes (1 + X)n, the term for each k-combination from S becomes Xk, so that the coefficient of printable raffle tickets with numbers power in the result equals the number of such k-combinations.

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1. Start Microsoft Publisher. Click inside the small field with the magnifying glass in the middle of the Available Templates page, then type “tickets” and click the magnifying glass icon. Review the Publisher ticket options, then double-click a template, such as “Raffle Ticket,” to open the design in the Publisher window.

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