“how to number raffle tickets -raffle ticket numbering in word 2007”

Zoom into the tickets where you have placed the text for the numbering and click on the data merge palette. This should be open already since we already called in the data file in Step 11. Place the text cursor behind the last letter of your text. Then click on the text data file (100.txt) in the Data Merge Palette.

This website was easy to work with and tickets printed exactly as I designed. Affordable and quick, the tickets printed and shipped the next day. I will use this website again next year for our annual raffle.

Carbonless forms can be printed on one side or two. Typically the front side includes the company logo and contact information as well as the form. The back side can be used for legal information or detailed instructions. NCR forms can be printed in a variety of ink formats from black only to full-color, or even with custom PMS or spot colors to match your corporate branding. You can specify different ink options for the front and the back of the form.

As an example, assume you were planning on selling your 500 tickets (each with 2 sets of numbers) for $5. It is much smarter to order 1000 tickets (each with 1 number set) instead. Instead of selling the tickets for $5 each, sell them 2 for $5 (you’ll raise exactly the same amount of money). 1000 standard raffle tickets will cost you less than half the price of 500 “2 number random tickets”.

A solution of the above Diophantine equation can be represented by x 1 {\displaystyle x_{1}} stars, a separator (a bar), then x 2 {\displaystyle x_{2}} more stars, another separator, and so on. The total number of stars in this representation is k and the number of bars is n – 1 (since no separator is needed at the very end). Thus, a string of k + n – 1 symbols (stars and bars) corresponds http://ringringpromotions.org a solution if there are k stars in the string. Any solution can be represented by choosing k out of k + n – 1 positions to place stars and filling the remaining positions with bars. For example, the solution x 1 = 3 , x 2 = 2 , x 3 = 0 , x 4 = 5 {\displaystyle x_{1}=3,x_{2}=2,x_{3}=0,x_{4}=5} of the equation x 1 + x 2 + x 3 + x 4 = 10 {\displaystyle x_{1}+x_{2}+x_{3}+x_{4}=10} can be represented by

To make sure people get their prizes, give them lots of room to print their name, address, and phone number. Some people are leery about giving out their address, but do make sure you get a printed name and phone number.

You could make a separate pdf document for each of the four parts, sequentially number each one, save them as e.g.: A.pdf B.pdf C.pdf and D.pdf. Then extract all pages as individual files for each of the four numbered PDFs into a common directory. Then combine all the single page PDFs into one file. Acrobat should order them alphanumerically, which would be in the correct order if you have Acrobat XI (watch for, e.g. A 10.pdf ordered before A 2.pdf with earlier versions).

There’s a much less expensive plug-in from Appligent, called StampPDF, that can stamp the numbers on (with a richer feature set than QIP), but I don’t think it can duplicate the pages for you. But maybe it can stamp four pages for you before incrementing (I took a quick look and didn’t see it). You might want to check it out (they have a free trial).

Fionia LeChat is a technical writer whose major skill sets include the MS Office Suite (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Publisher), Photoshop, Paint, desktop publishing, design and graphics. LeChat has a Master of Science in technical writing, a Master of Arts in public relations and communications and a Bachelor of Arts in writing/English.

The New Victory Theater is New York City’s premier performing arts nonprofit entirely devoted to kids and families. Located on iconic 42nd Street, The New Victory presents extraordinary productions of theater, dance, circus, opera and music from around the world at affordable prices. See their performance schedule.

NCR Forms provide the functionality of carbon paper without the carbon paper. They are available in 2, 3, and 4-part colored sets to clearly identify each page of the form. NCR Forms come padded in collated sets preprinted in either 1 or 2 colors. Numbering can be added if you prefer or when set serialized forms are required.

( 52 5 ) = 52 ! 5 ! 47 ! = 52 × 51 × 50 × 49 × 48 × 47 ! 5 × 4 × 3 × 2 × 1 × 47 ! = 52 × 51 × 50 × 49 × 48 5 × 4 × 3 × 2 = ( 26 × 2 ) × ( 17 × 3 ) × ( 10 × 5 ) × 49 × ( 12 × 4 ) 5 × 4 × 3 × 2 = 26 × 17 × 10 × 49 × 12 = 2,598,960. {\displaystyle {\begin{alignedat}{2}{52 \choose 5}&={\frac {52!}{5!47!}}\\[5pt]&={\frac {52\times 51\times 50\times 49\times 48\times {\cancel {47!}}}{5\times 4\times 3\times 2\times {\cancel {1}}\times {\cancel {47!}}}}\\[5pt]&={\frac {52\times 51\times 50\times 49\times 48}{5\times 4\times 3\times 2}}\\[5pt]&={\frac {(26\times {\cancel {2}})\times (17\times {\cancel {3}})\times (10\times {\cancel {5}})\times 49\times (12\times {\cancel {4}})}{{\cancel {5}}\times {\cancel {4}}\times {\cancel {3}}\times {\cancel {2}}}}\\[5pt]&={26\times 17\times 10\times 49\times 12}\\[5pt]&=2{,}598{,}960.\end{alignedat}}}

Having sequential numbers printed on carbonless forms or other printed pieces, such as note pads, means to print a number on the form or printed item and the next form or printed item will have the next number in the sequence. Sometimes numbers can be descending or ascending depending on the requirements of the job needed.

We answer the question of what is carbonless paper, and provide the very best paper services and full form products. The core of our business is great service, reliability, and the 20-21lb ncr papers we use to ensure the very best grade of business forms. Have a question about the weights or grades of our ncr carbonless paper? We are happy to help.

By the way, there’s another, simpler, free script (called LotteryNumbers, from Loic Aigon at Ozalto) which purely creates sequences that increase by 1 and can contain trailing zeros (if required) — this is also great for most numbering purposes.

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Perhaps your explanation already addresses this, but I can’t see it. Is there any way this script can be used for printing multiple-up in numeric sequence? For example, if I’m running 1000 postcards 4-up (on 250 sheets). I need the 4 cards on page 1 to be numbered 1, 251, 501, 751; then the 4 cards on page 2 numbered 2, 252, 502, 752; etc., so that when the sheets come out of the printer and are cut into 4, I have a stack of 1-250, a stack of 251-500, a stack of 501-750 and a stack of 751-1000.

Below are 15 printable ticket raffle templates which are easy to use and customize. You’ll find choices for basic business types and kid-themed tickets as well as templates for multiple prize options. Simply find a raffle ticket template that you like and that fits your overall purpose, and make the necessary changes. It’s all that easy. You might have to take a trial-and-error approach to DIY printable raffle tickets, but once you get the hang of the process, you can use the same format as much as you like. How do you go about sequentially numbering for your raffle tickets? You can do sequential numbering manually, or you can use Microsoft Excel in a mail-merge type of operation. If you’re not sure how to go about the mail-merge, the directions are above in the Template Design File section. Once your tickets are printed, then comes the task of cutting and perforating the tickets so that you can easily tear the ticket from the stub. It’s not as hard as you might think. With a full-size paper cutter and an inexpensive tracing wheel, you can easily complete this part of the job. To make it a community effort, get help from your fundraising colleagues. A morning spent on this task — with the enticement of coffee and doughnuts — will fly by when you’re having fun with other people.

Open Word and create a new document and create one raffle ticket. You want to make it about the right size so that you can fit four tickets on the page. Leave space for the ticket numbers, which you’ll add in a minute. Something like this:

Please note that if your order quantity and the number of pieces per package will result in more than 200 individually shrinkwrapped packages, your order may require an additional 1-2 days for fulfillment.

Admit One Products offers one of the widest selections of numbered custom event tickets in the world. Choose from a variety of styles; Economy Tickets, Thermal Tickets with Security, Full Color Tickets, Photo Tickets, Classic Tickets, Keepsake Tickets, Passes and/or Sheet Tickets online. Most of our event style products print in just 5 business days.

† Some telephone numbers on the Hoover’s site may be on a country’s do not call or do not contact list including, but not limited to, the United Kingdom’s CTPS or TPS registers. It is a legal requirement that companies do not make sales or marketing calls to registered numbers. These are central opt out registers whereby corporate subscribers and individuals can register their preference not to receive unsolicited sales and marketing telephone calls. By using the information provided on the Hoover’s sites, as the direct marketer you represent and warrant that you will use such information in compliance with all applicable local, state, national or international laws and regulations, including any local do not call registers or marketing regulations, and agree to defend, indemnify and hold harmless Dun & Bradstreet and each of its affiliates in the event your use violates such laws and regulations.

Annabelle – You need the tickets in the top slot of each page to run from 1 to 167, then the second slot down to be 168 – 335, then have 336 – 500 in the third slot. Easiest way to achieve that would be to create a your list of numbers in Step 3 in Excel so it runs as 1,168,336,2,169,337 … etc., like this:

You will find ticket choices that permit you to customize the ticket of your choice ON-LINE to your event needs with just text, text and a logo and/or photo, or even the ability to upload a ticket which you design on your own computer.

Sequential numbering is used on many types of forms and printed material. This numbering process can be used on carbonless forms (No Carbon Required), note pads, work orders, invoices, promotional pieces such as door hangars and more.


  1. Sophia

    You might find it simpler to have a one row table, with no ‘Next Record’ fields and change the merge type to Directory. The attached is your original with the fieldnames changed and all rows except the first and the NEXT field removed. As a directory it too merges as intended.
    I use reverse NCR, you could use straight, but you would have to select face down as an option. My only problem with numbering NCR has been that I can’t pull a custom NCR ( White 20#,Canary 20#, 150 Tag) from 3 different trays AND number it at the same time. In that case I print it with the numbers in 3 separate identical runs. I then hand collate it afterwards This problem is a software limitation(FreeFlow). You can’t specify that every nth page gets pulled from tray X. The other option availabe to me is to not number on the Xerox but print it collating it from separate trays.(Tray 1age 1, Exception pages defined to pull paper from the other trays.)
    it has 2n distinct terms corresponding to all the subsets of S, each subset giving the product of the corresponding variables Xs. Now setting all of the Xs equal to the unlabeled variable X, so that the product becomes (1 + X)n, the term for each k-combination from S becomes Xk, so that the coefficient of that power in the result equals the number of such k-combinations.
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