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Other venues: To expand your selling efforts, consider any and every place where there’s a lot of foot traffic. You can sell raffle tickets at church potlucks, outside of convenience stores and drugstores (with permission), and at PTA meetings.

If your tickets don’t require sequential numbering, you can find more templates at RaffleTicketTemplates.org. The tickets there are more the standard fare. They have different sizes, layouts, and downloads for both Microsoft Word and Corel Draw.

Some states have a list of prohibited items, such as animals and alcohol, so check the laws in your area to ensure that you comply. Many community businesses will donate prizes for the raffle; all you have to do is ask. They’re generally willing to do that because they understand the goodwill that is generated from their contribution efforts. To make your raffle give-away as easy as possible, consider the 50/50 raffle, where 50% of the proceeds generated from ticket sales goes to the drawn winner of the raffle, and 50% goes to the organization raising the funds. Besides being easy to award the prize, it also eliminates the hassle of securing merchandise. You’ll need to decide on a selling price. You don’t want to price them too high so that many people would find it too expensive. The lower the price of each ticket, the more tickets you’ll sell. If you price your tickets at $1 each, expect each buyer to purchase from one to five tickets. If your tickets are $5-10 each, each buyer will likely purchase no more that two.

For what it’s worth, I have a client for whom I just did a three-part form, 2-up. To save money we ran it on a press and (at least I think it ran on a press) and she has to do the numbers herself by hand.

Ordered tickets for a major community banquet. Tickets were easy to customize and process. Delivered on time and the quality was amazing. Used TicketPrinting.com for the last 5 years. Have not yet been disappointed. Highly recommended.

By 1911 it had sold one million machines and grown to almost 6,000 employees. Combined with rigorous legal attacks, Patterson’s methods enabled the company to fight off bankruptcy, buy-out over 80 of its early competitors, and achieve control of 95% of the U.S. market.

Entertainment Cruises is offering IDNYC cardholders a twenty percent (20%) discount on up to nineteen (19) tickets per Entertainment Cruises reservation. The discount may not be combined with any other offer, and does not apply to previously purchased tickets; cruises scheduled during blackout dates; or specialty cruises. Cruise tickets cannot be returned for exchange or refund.

This is again basically the same as the 100# Cover except that it is a little lighter and costs a little less than the 100# gloss Cover. Its thickness is approximately .0075”. The glossy coating enhances the full color printing for a professional looking ticket.

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Now, in the Mail Merge Dialog, you should select “Use an existing list” if it is not already selected. Then, click on Browse to locate your excel file. If you are looking for a number series file, you can download our version here – Number Series

Our lowest priced tickets are our Economy General Admission Event http://mywebspider.com These print in all black ink on a variety of paper stocks. Choose your template, fonts, paper stock, paper color, quantity, numbering sequence, add your logo and view your proof instantly online for fast production times.

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• The numbers have to be random on the raffle tickets for this to work. In order to be sure you have no duplicate (winning) numbers you have to literally write down each number for each raffle ticket (that’s 1000 numbers – a lot of work).

We typically print more than the quantity ordered. Because printing is a manufacturing process, the total finished quantity may vary. We usually ship a few more than you order, but sometimes quantities can vary +/- 5%. Standard industry procedure is to consider this range shipment in full.

We print our event tickets at 300 DPI on high quality medium weight ticket stock. All tickets include holographic foils that can be customized with your logo, thermal printing, perforations, unique numbering, and full image/logo integration.

Numbers can be grouped so that a sequence that may appear as 000000000 can now appear as 000-000-000 – in this instance the numbers have been separated in groups of 3 characters using a dash separator.

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