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In this tutorial, we’ll explain how to do an easy setup in InDesign for automatically numbered raffle tickets. We will look at the handy “Data Merge Tool,” which is a great time-saver. Let’s jump into this quick tutorial!

Once the legal entity has its BN9, every account it opens where it uses its BN9 will result in a new program account being created. You can use either the BN9 or any of the BN15s to identify you and your company with a government program that uses the BN as an identifier.

Tip  Using the same logic for removing underlining from a number, you can make the paragraph number bold without having the text of the paragraph formatted as bold. In the Customize window of the Bullets and Numbering dialog box, choose the applicable level and click Font. Select Bold, and click OK twice.

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The auto-indenting feature of bullets and lists has always frustrated me. EVERY time you apply a numbered or bulleted list, you’ve got to set the indents. I want my lists to be indented at the very left of the page, flush with the rest of the paragraphs. But no, Microsoft insists that you want them indented by 0.63cm and hanging at 1.27cm (WHY 0.63? Why not 0.7? Or 1.0cm? But that’s a question for a different session.) (I know, it’s because MS is American and still uses inches etc…)

Aside from standard security features such as unique design, sequential ticket numbering, and detachable stubs, DYO tickets also give you the option of adding barcodes or printing on 100# Heat Sensitive Security Paper.

The Sequence Field has no switch to change the interval between numbers. It is always the next integer from the last one unless you are restarting the numbering. So, if you want a sequence of odd (1, 3, 5, 7,…) or even (2, 4, 6, 8, …) numbers, how can you generate it using the SEQ field?

You can use the Serial Number Tool located above the template. The tickets will be numbered sequentially from the start number you enter. For example if you enter start number “001” and order 250 tickets they will be numbered from 001 up to 250. You can choose any start number you like. Choosing an unlikely start number helps protect you from ticket fraud.

Where the prize is a valuable work of art, the process may be termed an art union, particularly where the beneficiary is the originating artist. Australian artists who have disposed of their works in this way include Alfred Felton[2] and James Ashton.[3]

A cash raffle is when the prize is a fraction of the total of the earnings. They are sometimes referred to as “50/50” draws, although the prize may not necessarily be equal to 50 percent of the earnings.[5] It is illegal in some places.[citation needed]

If you’ve saved it (in a standard file format) we can probably print it! PDF, JPG, GIF, TIF, EPS, INDD, or AI files will all work. Just make sure that your files are saved at 300 DPI (dots per square inch) at 100% print size. This will ensure high quality production. You can email image files to support@ticketprinting.com, or you can use our My Files feature (found in your account online) to upload your files directly to our design team.

Most people wear their badges like a necklace, on lanyards around the neck, or else clipped to the front of their shirt or jacket. We offer both display options: Plastic badges, synthetic badges, and heavy duty card stock badges can come with a lanyard slot and can be attached to a lanyard with bulldog clip and worn around the neck.

Sequential numbering printing refers to printing numbers in sequential order on sets of forms or other printed pieces. Each form or piece gets a unique number and is printed in either ascending or descending numerical order.

Got a version of Word that uses the interface (Word 97, Word 2000, Word 2002, or Word 2003)? This site is for you! If you use a later version of Word, visit our WordTips site focusing on the ribbon interface.

Some of these tasks are more mechanistic than others. For instance, people often make mistakes when they key in their credit-card numbers online. With millions of transactions being processed at a time, a rapid way to weed out invalid numbers helps to keep processing times down. Enter the Luhn algorithm (see below), named after its inventor, Hans Luhn, an IBM researcher. The numbers on a credit card identify the card type, the issuer and the user’s account number. The last number of all is set to ensure that the Luhn algorithm produces a figure divisible by ten. If it is, the card number has been properly entered and the processing can go ahead.

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Por defecto, el orden de tabulación depende de los elementos en el código (X)HTML. Cuando cambia el orden de tabulación, los elementos con numeración más baja son los primeros, seguidos de los elementos con numeración más alta.

Como se puede prever, el uso de referencias cruzadas como estas dan “mucho más juego” que la simple inclusión de titulares en encabezados pies. Se pueden igualmente utilizar en el texto principal del documento y hacer referencia a otros tipos de elementos:

Estas etiquetas, junto a un número de modificadores o atributos, son suficientes para indicarle al navegador cliente cómo debe recoger la información, cómo debe manejarla una vez recolectada y cómo debe interactuar con el servidor.

El inigualable Enrique Bunbury regreso al Domo de nuestra ciudad con su gira “Mutaciones Tour 2016”, en donde todos sus fans pudieron disfrutar de un show lleno de energía y versatilidad. Temas como: “Despierta”, “El club de los…

En la Hoja1, en la columna “H” tengo valores que van de cero en adelante, si el valor de “H” es mayor que cero, entonces: copia las celdas “A”, “B” y “H” en la Hoja2 en las Celdas “A8″,”B8” y “G8” Esta operacion debe hacerse hasta que en la Hoja1 se…

Los boletos comprados con este servicio NO estarán disponible para recoger ni imprimir en la boletería del evento ni en los puntos de venta. Si pierdes o no recuerdas donde guardaste tu boleto [email protected] entra al correo electrónico que utilizaste para comprar los boletos. Localiza el mensaje donde incluimos el documento con los boletos y reimprímelos.


En MS Word las secciones se usan para variar el diseño de un documento dentro de una página o de una de sus páginas a otra. Así, una sección es una parte de un documento en el que se establecen determinadas opciones de formato de página. Se puede crear una nueva sección cuando se desean cambiar propiedades como la numeración de líneas, el número de columnas o los encabezados y pies de página. Por ejemplo, se puede utilizar formato de una columna para la sección de presentación de un informe y después utilizar formato de dos columnas para el texto independiente del informe en la siguiente sección. O, para introducir una página en orientación horizontal entre páginas con la habitual orientación vertical.