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It is now easier than ever for the home printer of small print shop to make raffle or benefit tickets. There are several thing that will be needed and a few things to consider before undertaking this task.
  1. Do you have a printer that can print on a card stock?
  2. If printing a ticket with a stub, can you obtain and create perforated card stock?
  3. Do you have graphics or desktop publishing software?
  4. Do you have a means of numbering your tickets?
  5. Do you have a means to cutting your printed sheets into tickets.
The printer -  This is probably the easiest obstacle to printing a raffle or benefit ticket. Most home ink-jet printers can do a good job printing on card stock and most small print shops will have at least one printer that can print on a heavier paper or card stock.
If printing a raffle ticket you will often find the need to print a ticket with a stub. There are several options for this if you do not have a means of creating your own perforated paper. There are several online sources. You may check your local area for a wholesale paper supplier and see if they carry a line of pre-preforated card stock. Or you may check with a local printer and see what they would charge to perforate some card stock.
While a graphics or desktop publishing software is not a necessity it will make life a lot easier. Many computers these days have a form of Microsoft Word or Publisher, there are other programs that can be used like Adobe Indesign or CorelDraw. These software applications just make it easier to do the layout of the tickets.
Most desktop publishing software has a means of doing data merge which is the easiest way to do your ticket numbering however doing it from scratch can be hair pulling and cumbersome, the best way I have found is by just using software that I specifically designed to create the numbering file you need that can then be data merged in to the program you are using to lay out your tickets. The best program I have found that can do raffle ticket numbering the best can be found here.
The last thing to consider is how you will cut your newly printed sheets of raffle or benefit tickets down to size. You can manually cut them if you have an industrial paper cutter or a hand held cutter. You could use purchased stock that is pre-perforated to be pulled part at appropriate sizes. And lastly you could contact a local printer and see what they would charge to cut your tickets down to size.
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